Rebecca, hope you are doing good. We are having a great time with Dillo. He is such a wonderful dog with a perfect temperament, loves the kids and has fit into our family really well. We cannot believe he is 1 year old already. He has done very well on obedience and likes to play a lot. He has also learned to swim at less than 4 months and is an expert swimmer now. Attached is a recent 1 year old picture of him in our backyard. Feel free to post it on your website. Enjoy!

- Sam, Austin, TX 

Just wanted to let you know that we absolutely love Jet. I have attached a picture, but he is much bigger now. He is quite handsome and very smart. I'll send some other pics from my phone that are more recent. We may get another one sometime, thanks.

- Anna and Ted, Dallas,TX  

Hello Santa Maria Family, we are really enjoying our boy, Champ! After losing our 12 1/2 year old lab, Samson, it's been a joy to have a pup in our lives again He is such a funny, happy boy. He has a great personality and is so smart. We have been to obedience school and have a lesson every week. Champ is doing great sitting, staying, heeling, and leaving things alone. He DOES get excited when greeting guests, so we are working on that now. If you remember, he was one of the biggest, chubbiest pups back in May. He still LOVES to eat!! We are crazy about our fella. Just wanted you to see him at 10 weeks and at 8 months. He has the most gorgeous coat-so shiny! Everyone comments on what a beautiful dog he is. Good job, Boscoe and Sienna! Thank you for an awesome dog! We are trying to give him the best life possible. Thank you!

- Melissa and David, San Antonio, TX 

We thought you had already trained our little black puppy to retrieve because she just did it the first time we started training her.” I've been meaning for months to let you know how Holly is doing and how much we LOVE her! Below is what I wrote a friend looking at dogs and a picture of Holly and Helena. Thank you for sharing your dogs with others. They are special and a blessing to us. We got a new lab who is now 5 months. She is truly sweet, great with the girls and EASY to train! We had her ringing the bell to go outside in only 5 days, she sits and waits for her food, even when my 3 year old feeds her. The first few months are the roughest because of the sharp teeth but they aren't biting just mostly walking around with their mouths open. :) That was only about 8 weeks. She loves the girls, cries when they leave the house in the am or go upstairs to get ready for bed. Here's a good visual on how laid back she is. Good luck!

- Alicia, Dallas, TX 

“Our little black lab is just absolutely out of the world wonderful, and he knows it! We just keep telling him that everyday. We are just so thrilled with him.”

- Richard and Georgia, Georgetown, TX. 

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